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What is a template?

posted this on November 21, 2012, 12:01

We are using several times the word template like a well-known concept, but possibly not all of the users are completely aware of the meaning of that. We took the term from our rapport R package.

Templates are like customizable statistical modules in Rapporter, the application is ready to run those and produce reports. In details:

  • Running a template is similar to running an analysis in SPSS. We use an active database for the session and the users can run various statistical analysis on that. On the other hand, Rapporter is building on the power of the open-source R.
  • Rapporter can act like a statistical aid/wizard, as you may use or create templates that provide annotation about the background of the statistical methods and tests, textual details as well about the results, which helps the user understand the process in more details.
  • The templates may contain vectors, tables, results of some statistical model and of course graphs and charts. They are automatically formatted/styled to fit your settings in HTML, docx or odt.
Although it is really simple to use a template, writing one from scratch or tweak a current public template might need some more time. You might be interested in checking out the relevant articles related to this question.